Nothing Like A Little Competition

Posted: 27 May by Brett Hoover in Uncategorized

In exploring the NCAA qualifying method in today’s Austin American Statesman, Randy Riggs quotes Texas A&M Coach Pat Henry as saying:

“Our sport is so pure, and we’ve made it so hard. This whole thing for the last few years has been so convoluted, it makes it very difficult for people to follow and understand our sport. We’ve done ourselves a tremendous disservice.”

Apparently, Coach Henry objects to head-to-head competition, which is, ironically, the pure part of the sport. He apparently believes the purity of the sport lay in the fully-automated timing equipment and its operators.

The interesting part of the story is that the athletes seem to love competition and they believe that competing to earn a spot in the finals is actually a reasonable system in conducting a championship.

Shy of that, why even compete at all? The easiest thing to do is to generate a seasonal ranked list in each event, dole out points based on that and declare a national winner. Saves time, saves money, seems pure. Who needs the actual Championship?

So, much to the dismay of some track coaches who might not like taking every advantage of the climate where their institution lies, today begins the 2010 NCAA Championship. Here’s the Ivy take on Day 1 in Greensboro, N.C.:

10:00 am — Women’s javelin throw
Jessica Fronk (Harvard), Victoria Imbesi (Cornell)

11:00 am — Men’s hammer throw
Craig Pearce (Princeton), Jack Brady (Harvard), Alex Lippai (Dartmouth)

1:00 pm — Women’s long jump
Melissa Hewitt (Cornell), Kathryn Gevitz (Penn), Uju Ofoche (Columbia)

3:00 pm — Women’s shot put
Danielle Grunloh (Brown), Brynn Smith (Brown), Thanithia Billings (Princeton)

3:30 pm — Men’s 400m hurdles
Tim Carey (Penn), Nick Huber (Cornell), Brian Freitas (Cornell)

4:00 pm — Women’s 400m hurdles
Kyra Caldwell (Columbia), Paige Madison (Penn), Alexandra Tanner (Dartmouth), Molly Glantz (Cornell)

4:00 pm — Men’s pole vault
James Foreman (Penn), Richard Zamora (Cornell), Eric DePalo (Yale)

4:30 pm — Men’s 1,500m run
Kyle Merber (Columbia), Trevor Van Ackeren (Princeton), Peter Callahan (Princeton)

5:00 pm — Women’s 1,500m run
Jackie Drouin (Columbia), Kerri Lyons (Cornell), Anna Aagenes (Penn), Erin Hays (Columbia)

5:00 pm — Women’s high jump
Monique Roberts (Columbia), Anja Hergrueter (Brown)

5:00 pm — Men’s long jump
Duane Teixeira (Cornell), Joshua Kirkpatrick (Cornell), Ted Lesher (Dartmouth)

6:30 pm — Men’s 400m dash
Mike Eddy (Princeton), Marcel Van Eeden (Cornell)

7:00 pm — Women’s 400m dash
Sharay Hale (Columbia), Kali Strother (Penn), Claudia Duncan (Yale)

7:30 pm — Men’s 800m run
Jeff Moriarty (Columbia), Chris Labosky (Yale), Darryll Oliver (Penn), Brian Hill (Harvard), Russell Dinkins (Princeton), Nick Wade (Cornell)

8:00 pm — Women’s 800m run
Kate Grace (Yale), Kim Standridge (Cornell), Carlyle Davis (Harvard), Samantha Adelberg (Brown), Jamie Massarelli (Penn), Serita Lachesis (Columbia), Christina Supino (Dartmouth), Meghan Looney (Harvard)

8:30 pm — Men’s 10,000m run
Duriel Hardy (Brown), Chris Zablocki (Dartmouth), Brett Kelly (Cornell), Ethan Shaw (Dartmouth)

9:15 pm — Women’s 10,000m run
Sarah Cummings (Princeton), Lauren Pischel (Brown)

  1. Brett says:

    I have gotten emails from both sides of the fence on this one. If you want to check out what some people have to say (and keep in mind that some are amazingly uninformed), visit this link [] which discusses the criticisms levied against regionals by Oregon’s Vin Lananna, who used to coach at Dartmouth.

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