Long May You Run

Posted: 3 July by Brett Hoover in Alumni, Athletes, Cornell
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If you were watching Morgan Uceny run as a freshman at Cornell, you didn’t see this coming — her climb to world-class status and contention for the Olympics in London in 2012.

“My freshman year was a tough lesson as I didn’t even make the varsity squad,” she said in an interview on Run Blog Run. “Over the summer I was determined to get back on track and to be more responsible for myself, and the very next season I made indoor NCAAs in the 800.”

She recognized that those failures helped lead to her successes. “My entire freshmen year would have seemed like a giant mistake if I hadn’t learned from it, but I did and I think having that experience was very humbling and made me a more committed runner.”

This year she won the U.S. Indoor Nationals 1500-meter run and then claimed the Boston Athletic Association’s street mile. She recently ran a 4:04.01 in the 1500 at the adidas Grand Prix meet in New York before twice flirting with a sub-two 800 at the U.S. Outdoor Nationals in Des Moines, Iowa.

For the full interview with the Plymouth, Ind., native, please click here.


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