More World News… Updated

Posted: 7 July by Brett Hoover in Cornell

Bruno Hortelano-Roig, a double Heps sprint champion this past May as a Cornell freshman, has been named to Spain’s roster for the IAAF World Junior Championships later this month.

Hortelano-Roig, who won both the 100- (10.64) and 200-meter dashes (21.54w) at Weaver Stadium this past spring, will represent Spain in both the 200 and the 4×100-meter relay in Moncton, N.B., Canada. He was selected for the squad after competing in the Spanish Junior Championships last week. Click here for the Spanish roster (click on the PDF icon after redirecting).

Hortelano-Roig, a native of Canada, is one of at least four Ivy Leaguers who will be in action at the World Juniors, joining Anthony Romaniw of Dartmouth and Conor McCullough and Peter Callahan of Princeton.

UPDATE: Bruno emailed me today and answered some questions that some of us have had:

“I’ve lived in Canada all of my life,” he wrote. “However both my parents are Spanish. The result is that I have dual citizenship, for both Canada and Spain. For the past three summers (including this one) I’ve been traveling to Spain to compete at their Youth and Junior Nationals, so I’ve been exposed to Spanish track for quite some time now. This year, anticipating the junior worlds, I followed the Spanish junior ranking and after Heps found myself in the top two spots in both the 100m and 200m. So just last week after I ran at the Spanish Junior Nationals in Castellon, Spain, the director of the Spanish Junior team approached me and offered me a place on the team. So in Moncton I’ll be representing Spain in the 200m and the 4×100 relay. I’m very excited.”

And it is also clear that the city of Moncton is pretty exciting about the Worlds as well. Check out this story.


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