Misfortune and Misreporting

Posted: 22 July by Brett Hoover in Athletes, Cornell

Outdoor Heps double champion Bruno Hortelano-Roig of Cornell competed in the 200-meter dash qualifying heats at the IAAF World Junior Championships in Moncton, New Brunswick, today and advanced to the semis with a time of 21.51. But an injury will keep him on the sidelines tonight.

Okay, let me slow this down for a second and tell our readers that I misreported this story earlier. I had previously failed to read the advancement procedures and the at-large qualifiers did not have a small ‘q’ next to them. So I hurried through and reported that Bruno did not advance. My bad, my fault. Sorry for the misinformation.

Representing Spain, Hortelano-Roig finished fifth in his heat, which is pictured here. And even while HepsTrack was misreporting, Bruno kept us in mind and emailed in this report:

“I just got back to the hotel from running the heats of the 200m. I just squeezed into the semis as 21st, but unfortunately I have some really bad shin splints that have developed over the past month and even today it hurt quite a lot before the race. The Spanish doctors had to give me anesthetics to run, and right after the race i couldn’t even walk properly. So although i’m super excited and happy about running 21.51 in the rain with pain in my leg, it’s a bummer i’ll have to give up the spot in the semis.

So while I am sorry about my shoddy reporting, I am more sorry that Bruno won’t be able to take his rightful place in the semis!


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