Doing Your Best At Home

Posted: 24 July by Brett Hoover in Athletes, Dartmouth

If you are going to run a personal best, you might as well save it for the World Junior Championships… held in your home country.

That’s what Dartmouth rising sophomore Anthony Romaniw did today in the semifinals in Moncton, N.B., clocking a 1:49.26 in the 800-meter run. But it wasn’t enough to qualify for the final, which will be contested Sunday and feature two heat-winning Americans — Robby Andrews and Casimir Loxsom.

“I was really happy to be here but I still think I could run faster,” Romaniw said. “My training this year has been very on and off and maybe I just didn’t have a good gauge of how fit I was until today, and I left it out on the track.”

The IAAF World Juniors have been getting terrific support in Moncton, with more than 75,000 tickets distributed so far (nearly 60,000 of them were sold and the rest part of community and corporate packages). Moncton is located so far East, it is an hour ahead of the U.S. Eastern time zone. In fact, Romaniw’s hometown of Hamilton (south of Toronto) is actually closer to Savannah, Ga., than Moncton.

This leaves Conor McCullough as the final Ivy competitor. He had the farthest effort (by a wide margin) in qualifying, yet Hungarian Akos Hudl has thrown further than McCullough’s PR. The final, which is scheduled for 1:50 pm, should prove very interesting.


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