Search For Beauty, Gold & Salmon

Posted: 3 August by Brett Hoover in Alumni, Cornell

Seventy-eight years ago today, Cornell’s John Anderson earned Olympic gold in the discus throw at the 1932 Los Angeles Games and stayed in Hollywood to star in the film ‘Search for Beauty’ as he was reported to have “dazzling masculine beauty.”

Search for Beauty — a “pre-Production Code” film made before a crack down on ‘sinful movies’ — had Olympic athletes being tricked into endorsing a faux-fitness magazine which simply featured racy photos. There was much innuendo and a locker-room scene where Buster Crabbe’s bare buttocks was shown.

Anderson, a three-year performer for both the Cornell football and track teams, was also the student council president as a senior in Ithaca. His colorful life came to an end in 1948, at the age of 41, when he suffered a brain hemorrhage on a expedition as a chief navigator of a salmon fishing fleet in Alaska.

Just another crazy story of the Ivy League.


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