Pre-Nat Possibilities

Posted: 12 October by Brett Hoover in Announcement, Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton
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As of yesterday, four Heps schools have signed up to compete at the Indiana State Pre-Nationals Invitational in Terre Haute, Ind., on Saturday. Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard and Princeton are all preparing for the meet, which serves as something of a practice run at the site of the NCAA Championship — the Lavern Gibson Championship Cross Country Course — which has hosted the national title races for the last six years.

To date 15 of the nation’s top 25 teams, on both the men’s and women’s sides, have entered the meet, which will begin with the first of two women’s 6k races at 11 am. The men’s 8k races will commence at 12:10 pm.

Top-ranked Stanford will compete in the men’s races as will No. 4 Colorado, No. 5 North Arizona, No. 8 Portland and No. 12 Princeton. On the women’s side, the No. 15 Tigers of Princeton will battle No. 3 Florida State, No. 5 Georgetown, No. 8 Arizona and No. 9 Colorado.

In 2009, Princeton’s women took third in one of the elite races as then-senior All-American Liz Costello was sixth overall. Both Sarah Cummings and Ashley Higginson had top-25 showings.

  1. Mary Boggs says:

    Hehehe… I’m having fun trying to locate people in that photo. I see Claire Richardson, Alex Banfich, Liz Costello, and I think Kaityn Kuzmak.

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