A Heps Movie Suggestion?

Posted: 18 October by Pat Melton in Announcement
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In one humble opinion, specifically mine, my favorite Heps event in an eight-year tenure at the Ivy League came in February of 2007. That’s when the League returned to the New York City Armory for the first time in more than a half century.

That Heps was exciting. Times were blazing. The crowd was loud and plentiful. And… it was New York City, which offers so much more than anywhere else. As a fan of the Armory, I am particularly thrilled that Indoor Heps is returning to the site this winter. (Sign up here!)

But I also caught a glimpse of the Armory over the weekend when I went to see Davis Guggenheim’s ‘Waiting For Superman’ with a group of educators. The documentary film has gotten a great deal of buzz, particularly in the education sector, as it paints a frightening picture of the U.S. public system. It follows children as they are subjected to a lottery to determine their academic path (and, likely, their limits).

The largest of those lotteries takes place at the Armory as the Harlem Success Academy spins ping pong balls to identify the lucky few who will enroll in the Academy. The Armory is the location for great expectation, relief and despair and the film catches that raw emotion quite well.

Indoor Heps will be a wonderful event this winter, but it will never be the most important event held at the Armory. If it is playing in your area, you should take in ‘Waiting For Superman.’


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