Freddy Sez No More

Posted: 19 October by Brett Hoover in Announcement, Columbia

It must have been close to 10 years ago now that I was on the subway, leaving a heart-breaking Columbia football loss, when a strange elderly gentleman carrying a frying pan, a spoon and a homemade sign showing his support of the Lions sat next to me.

We talked about the game and he was devastated by the loss, picking out plays that could have reversed the outcome. I don’t remember where he got off the train, but it was certainly before I did and I can recall sitting there wondering about the guy’s story — from where his allegiance to Columbia had come.

I soon discovered that Freddy Schuman, best known as ‘Freddy Sez,’ was a fixture in the New York sporting scene. He took all the losses in the city hard, particularly the ones experienced by his beloved New York Yankees, for whom he had banged the pan with his spoon for decades.

Freddy had a heart attack while dancing recently and passed away over the weekend, even as his Yankees were again battling for a spot in the World Series. He was 85 years old and the New York Times posted his obituary. Below is a video of Freddy with Robinson Canu.


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