It’s Heps Week

Posted: 26 October by Brett Hoover in Announcement
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The rituals and customs have begun as the Ivy League teams ready for their trip to the Bronx. In fact, there is video of Dartmouth’s annual Michigan workout, which is a punishing event that takes place 10 days before Heps Cross Country. Just to see what else is going on, we asked the coaches:

Does your squad have any rituals or customs, once in NYC or before that signifies and celebrates the Heps championship event?

Harvard coach Jason Saretsky

We stick to the same routine that we do day in and day out at practice and meets. I am sure many of our student-athletes have particular rituals that they do before every competition.

Cornell coach Robert Johnson

Each year, when we get on the bus to go to Heps the men’s and women’s teams exchange gifts. Each of the team’s makes gifts for each other and it’s always a surprise as to what it is. I know my guys really enjoyed the personalized running gloves a few years back. Additionally, on the way back, when we get within sight of Cornell, the teams sing the Cornell school song. It’s certainly a special meet for everyone.

Cornell coach Lou Duesing

The women make a gift/presentation to each of the men traveling to the Heps — and the gifts are presented as we depart from the Cornell campus for Van Cortlandt Park. We also have a buffet dinner with the men the night before the race.

Brown coach Jill Miller

The team has some traditions they carry out during Heps week to show those running the support they have from the entire team, but as far as rituals go we stick to our normal pre-race routine. We treat Heps as an opportunity to give 100 percent and test our toughness in an incredibly competitive environment.

Princeton coach Steve Dolan

In terms of the race, we don’t really alter from our normal routine. It is always clear when it’s Heps week at practice since the intensity and excitement is at another level. The opportunity to share the day with alumni, families and friends always make the Heps a special event.

Columbia coach Willy Wood

We do not view Heps as an occasion to celebrate — we view it as an opportunity to prepare to hurt like never before. Hanta Yo — “the spirit goes ahead of us” — the warrior’s way of saying that they are totally at peace with themselves as they ride in to battle, ready to die if necessary.

Dartmouth coach Barry Harwick

We do our signature “Michigan” session in practice 10 days before Heps. And the team does a “Heps Run” the day before we leave campus.

  1. Al Jackson says:

    The Columbia coach is psyched and I think the men will be ready even without Kyle Merber
    Hanta Yo Wow!

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