Pick A Color, Find A Tent

Posted: 26 October by Brett Hoover in Alumni, Announcement

We have posted some of this over at the Facebook page for Heps Cross Country, but there is also some new alumni information from the coaches below.

Friday’s women’s Heps Championship race begins at 11 am followed by the men’s title run at 11:45. The awards ceremony is scheduled for 12:30 pm. By the way, if you look at the Dan Grossman photo above you will see that the Burger King is a Brown alum. Who knew?

The easiest thing to do is take the subway. The red line, which links uptown to downtown, ends about two blocks away from the parade grounds at Van Cortlandt. You truly can’t miss your stop unless you are an amazingly deep sleeper. Here is a link to the NYC subway system.

If you insist burning your own fuel you can go here for directions. Good luck with parking as many of the side streets to the west have residential permit regulations. They do tow. Trust me.

Another reason to take the subway is Coogans, undoubtedly the best place for Heps fans to have lunch. It is conveniently located at the corner of 169th and Broadway, one block north of the 168th Street subway stop. Why Coogans? They offer great food, drink and atmosphere as well as a deep appreciation for track and field (as the restaurant is located behind the New York City Armory). There is even a Penn Relays plaque hanging on the wall!

We also asked the coaches if there was a message that their alumni groups would like to get out to visitors in regards to the Championship. They said:

Brown coach Jill Miller

Our alumni are trying to get as many people out to VCP on Friday as possible. They plan to meet up before and after the race at the tent between Broadway and the homestretch.

Columbia coach Willy Wood

We look forward to having as many of you back as that can come. Inevitably, we will all end up somewhere after the meet close to campus to relive previous Heps.

Dartmouth coach Barry Harwick

We’ll have our green Dartmouth tent ready and waiting.

Harvard coach Jason Saretsky

Hopefully there will be another nice crowd of supporters again this. It is a great meet and one worth watching live.

Penn coach Robin Martin

There will be coffee and bagels and great company available for all Penn fans and alumni. The tent will be located near the Penn athletes themselves to the left of the stands area.

Princeton coach Steve Dolan

We look forward to seeing lots of orange and black at VCP to support the Tigers. All alumni, families and friends are encouraged to join us at the orange tent after the races for a snack and some good cheer. Go Tigers!

Princeton coach Peter Farrell

Yes. Princeton still puts on the best tailgate.

Yale coach Mark Young

Any alumni should look for our Yale tent where they will find hospitality and camaraderie.


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