Earning All-Ivy Status

Posted: 29 October by Brett Hoover in Announcement

The All-Ivy teams for cross country is simply plucked from the results of the the Heps Championships. The first seven finishers in each race earn first-team status and the second seven are deemed second-teamers. Given that, here are the hardware winners:


Donn Cabral (Princeton) — Jr., Glastonbury, Conn.
Dan Chenoweth (Harvard) — Sr., Geneseo, Ill.
Ethan Shaw (Dartmouth) — Jr., Falmouth, Maine
Tom Poland (Columbia) — Sr., Morristown, N.J.
Brian Leung (Princeton) — Jr., West Windsor, N.J.
Kyle Soloff (Princeton) — Sr., Rockaway, N.Y.
Adrien Dannemiller (Cornell) — Sr., Martinsville, Ind.

Alex Banfich (Princeton) — Jr., Plymouth, Ind.
Caroline McDonough (Columbia) — Soph., Darien, Conn.
Jackie Drouin (Columbia) — Sr., Lawrenceville, Ga.
Ashley Higginson (Princeton) — Sr., Colts Neck, N.J.
Margaret Connelly (Brown) — Fr., Chicago, Ill.
Jeanne Mack (Harvard) — Jr., Bristol, R.I.
Devin McMahon (Cornell) — Fr., Redmond, Wash.


Mark Amirault (Princeton) — Sr., Walpole, Mass.
Jeff Perrella (Yale) — Sr., Westfield, N.J.
Phil Royer (Dartmouth) — Soph., Portsmouth, R.I.
Tom Robbins (Dartmouth) — Sr., Evanston, Ill.
Brad Kenimer (Dartmouth) — Jr., Alexandria, Va.
Max Kaulbach (Princeton) — Jr., Philadelphia, Pa.
Nate Edelman (Cornell) — Sr., Memphis, Tenn.

Mel Newbery (Princeton) — Soph., London, England
Sarah Cummings (Princeton) — Sr., Newport Beach, Calif.
Lauren Pischel (Brown) — Sr., LaJolla, Calif.
Abby Levene (Princeton) — Soph., Dublin, N.H.
Elaine Kuckertz (Brown) — Soph., Clarendon Hills, Ill.
Leslie Kovach (Penn) — Soph., Irwin, Pa.
Nicole Cochran (Harvard) — Jr., Tacoma, Wash.

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