Heps Trivia

Posted: 19 November by Brett Hoover in Announcement
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Here is our first-ever Heps trivia question in advance of the NCAA Cross Country Championships. Only two Ivy Leaguers — one male, one female — have ever finished in the top 25 at Nationals three times. What else do the two have in common?

And, yes, that image is a clue. Your answers are welcome in the comments.

UPDATE: The answer to this question will be has been placed under comments tonight at 10 pm, thanks to B. Macreery. Nice work, B!

  1. Mary Boggs says:

    your previous XC entry can help people with the search… now time to find the connection.

  2. b macreery says:

    Cack Ferrell and Bob Kempainen are both from Minneapolis, Minnesota

  3. Brett says:

    B Macreery nailed it!

    The only Ivy Leaguers to finish in the top 25 three times at the NCAA Cross Country Championships are Bob Kempainen of Dartmouth (1985-87) and Cack Ferrell of Princeton (2003-05). Oddly, both hail from Minneapolis, where runners are tough. Don’t believe me? Check out these photos:


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