Three Tiger All-Americans At NCAAs

Posted: 22 November by Brett Hoover in Announcement

In British Open conditions — temperatures in the mid-50s, but the winds howling — at the NCAA Cross Country Championships in Terre Haute, Ind., the Princeton men’s team finished 12th at the NCAA Cross Country Championships, the highest finish by a Heps team in 17 years and by an Ivy League team since 1989.

Junior Brian Leung led the Tigers with a 21st-place finish in 30:18 followed by classmate Donn Cabral (34th, 30:26.4) and senior Mark Amirault (52nd, 30:37.9). Leung, who along with Cabral earned All-America notice, matched the second-highest placing in Princeton history as only Paul Morrison, who was eighth in 1999, has been higher.

The last Heps team to finish higher was Army in 1993, when the Cadets were sixth. Dartmouth, in 1989, was ninth, the last Ivy team to finish in the nation’s top 12. It was also the best-ever finish for the Princeton men, who had previous best of 15th in 1975.

Harvard senior Dan Chenoweth, who finished 42nd at Nationals as a sophomore and a junior, was running with Leung and Cabral after 8,000 meters, but suffered an unknown setback in his run at All-America. He finished 238th overall. Yale senior Jeff Perrella was 120th overall (31:21.4) while Princeton junior Max Kaulbach was 145th (31:32.7) and Columbia senior Tom Poland finished 162nd (31:42.2). The Tigers fifth and final scorer was senior Kyle Soloff in 180th position (31:58.9).

In the women’s race, yet another Princeton junior — Alex Banfich — earned All-America status by taking 20th overall in 20:36 as the Tigers claimed 15th place on the women’s side.

Columbia sophomore Caroline McDonough had a fabulous run, finishing 43rd in 20:54.2. She was the second Heps finisher and missed All-America status by less than a half-second. Princeton’s senior stalwarts Sarah Cummings and Ashley Higginson placed 57th and 74th respectively. Cornell freshman Devin McMahon had a fantastic debut, taking 98th in 21:20.0. Princeton’s last two scorers were sophomores Abby Levene (179th) and Alexis Mikaelian (195th).

The day was mostly about defending titles. Liberty’s Sam Chelanga repeated his national title by outkicking Arizona’s Stephen Sambu while Oklahoma State took the men’s team title yet again. Villanova also repeated as the women’s team champion led by individual champion Sheila Reid, who was able to hold off Emily Infeld of Georgetown and Jordan Hasay of Oregon down the stretch. Reid’s wind-affected time was 20:06.9.

NCAA Championship
Nov. 22, 2010: LaVern Gibson Course, Terre Haute, Ind.

Women’s Team Scores (click here for full list)
1. Villanova, 120; 2. Florida State, 154; 3. Texas Tech, 165; 4. Georgetown, 167; 5. New Mexico, 227; 6. Colorado, 314; 7. Stony Brook, 334; 8. Iowa State, 341; 9. Providence, 343; 10. Syracuse, 347; 11. Arizona, 372; 12. Oregon, 378; 13. Stanford, 402; 14. North Carolina, 405; 15. Princeton, 411.

Women’s Individual leaders plus Heps finishers (click here for full list)
5-kilometer course
1. Sheila Reid, Villanova, 20:06.9
2. Emily Infeld, Georgetown, 20:09.2
3. Jordan Hasay, Oregon, 20:13.0
4. Risper Kimaiyo, UTEP, 20:16.1
5. Rose Tanui, Texas Tech, 20:17.6
20. Alex Banfich, Princeton, 20:36.0
43. Caroline McDonough, Columbia, 20:54.2
57. Sarah Cummings, Princeton, 21:03.0
74. Ashley Higginson, Princeton, 21:09.4
98. Devin McMahon, Cornell, 21:20.0
179. Abby Levene, Princeton, 22:04.3
195. Alexis Mikaelian, Princeton, 22:13.3
212. Theresa Devine, Princeton, 22:27.1
249. Mel Newberry, Princeton, 23:51.7

Men’s Team Scores (click here for full list)
1. Oklahoma State, 73; 2. Florida State, 193; 3. Wisconsin, 223; 4. Stanford, 237; 5. Oklahoma, 281; 6. Oregon, 289; 7. Indiana, 298; 8. Iona, 303; 9. Northern Arizona, 317; 10. Arkansas, 329; 11. Alabama, 338; 12. Princeton, 351; 13. Portland, 362; 14. Syracuse, 365; 15. Colorado, 366.

Men’s Individual leaders plus Heps finishers (click here for full list)
10-kilometer course
1. Samuel Chelanga, Liberty, 29:22.2
2. Stephen Sambu, Arizona, 29:26.5
3. Luke Puskedra, Oregon, 29:38.0
4. Leonard Korir, Iona, 29:42.0
5. Chris Derrick, Stanford, 29:44.7
21. Brian Leung, Princeton, 30:18.3
34. Donn Cabral, Princeton, 30:26.4
52. Mark Amirault, Princeton, 30:37.9
120. Jeff Perrella, Yale, 31:21.4
145. Max Kaulbach, Princeton, 31:32.7
162. Tom Poland, Columbia, 31:42.2
180. Kyle Soloff, Princeton, 31:58.9
202. Joe Sitlin, Princeton, 32:11.5
205. Alejandro Arroyo Yamin, Princeton, 32:17.3
238. Dan Chenoweth, Harvard, 33:20.3
Note: Former Harvard runner Chas Gillespie, now a graduate student representing William & Mary, was 58th overall (30:40.7)


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