Did You Trot Before Turkey?

Posted: 28 November by Brett Hoover in Alumni, Athletes
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After criss-crossing the state of Ohio for several days without internet access, I am finally back within the friendly confines of my web-enabled house and able to react to Mary Boggs’ Thanksgiving Day running coverage.

Turns out that former Heps record-breakers Ben True (Dartmouth) and Delilah DiCrescenzo (Columbia) each finished second at the Manchester (Conn.) Road Race on Thursday. That 4.784-mile event, which has been contested for 74 years now, has been called “America’s most venerable Thanksgiving Day road race.”

The winners were Kenya’s Sally Kipyego — a former NCAA cross country champion — and Morocco’s Mourad Marofit. David Monti of Race Results Weekly reported on the battle for second that was taken by True:

The pack sprint had its own drama because eight men all had a chance at second place. Elbows began to fly, and one athlete even said he was cut off just steps from the line. When the dust cleared, it was the former Dartmouth standout Ben True who did best, finishing second in 21:43. Irishman David McCarthy, Ugandan Harbert Okuti, American Stephen Furst, [Brent] Vaughn, [2009 champion Haron] Lagat, and [Robert] Mack all finished in that order over the next three seconds.

True told the Hartford Courant, “It was fun. There was a big bunch of us. We kept looking around at each other, cat and mouse, seeing what was going to happen. We knew it was going to come down to a kick. We knew there was a downhill and an uphill [at the finish] and if you go too early, then, you can burn out pretty quick. I was trying to stay as relaxed as possible. I tried to wait and it worked out.”

In yet another story, Monti reported that turkey trotting and drumstick dashing had flatlined in participation this year. Did you run on Thanksgiving morning? If so, report it below in comments.

  1. Mike Seitz says:

    Sorry this is so late. Thanksgiving 5K 21:30. Cold (12 F), damp, miserable in Kansas City.

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