Make Way For The Defenders

Posted: 3 December by Brett Hoover in Athletes

Last year, 46 different Ivy League athletes won individual titles at Indoor and Outdoor Heps and as the 2010-11 season kicks off this weekend, 32 of them will be suiting up with the intention of defending their personal titles.

Eleven of those returning champions won more than a single title, led by Cornell junior Melissa Hewitt who took home four crowns a year ago. Three others — Princeton’s Ashley Higginson and Columbia’s Sharay Hale and Kyra Caldwell — claimed a trio of titles.

Additional multiple winners returning to Heps this year are Donn Cabral (Princeton), Kate Grace (Yale), Bruno Hortelano-Roig (Cornell), Kyle Merber (Columbia), Monique Roberts (Columbia), Priscilla Trojano (Dartmouth) and Tory Worthen (Princeton).

Hewitt is scheduled to run the 300-meter dash and compete in the long jump tomorrow at the Cornell Relays. So as the season begins, keep on eye out for ‘The Defenders:’

MEN (17)
Mark Amirault (Princeton) — Outdoor 5k
Donn Cabral (Princeton) — Outdoor 10k & Steeplechase
Peter Callahan (Princeton) — Indoor 800m
Tim Carey (Penn) — Indoor 60m hurdles
Russell Dinkins (Princeton) — Indoor 500m
Mike Eddy (Princeton) — Outdoor 400m
Austin Hollimon (Princeton) — Indoor 400m
Bruno Hortelano-Roig (Cornell) — Outdoor 100m & 200m
Nick Huber (Cornell) — Outdoor 100m hurdles
Gary Jones (Cornell) — Outdoor triple jump
Craig Kinsley (Brown) — Outdoor javelin
Kyle Merber (Columbia) — Indoor 3k & Outdoor 1,500m
Jeff Moriarty (Columbia) — Outdoor 800m
Craig Pearce (Princeton) — Indoor weight throw
Connor Reilly (Dartmouth) — Indoor 60m
David Slovenski (Princeton) — Indoor pole vault
Trevor Van Ackeren (Princeton) — Indoor mile

WOMEN (15)
Thanithia Billings (Princeton) — Indoor weight throw
Kyra Caldwell (Columbia) — Indoor 60m; Outdoor 100m hurdles & 400m hurdles
Lacey Craker (Brown) — Outdoor discus
Sarah Cummings (Princeton) — Outdoor 10k
Jackie Drouin (Columbia) — Outdoor 1,500m
Kate Grace (Yale) — Indoor & Outdoor 800m
Sharay Hale (Columbia) — Indoor 200m & 400m; Outdoor, 200m
Melissa Hewitt (Cornell) — Indoor 60m & long jump; Outdoor 100m & long jump
Ashley Higginson (Princeton) — Indoor mile; Outdoor 10k & steeplechase
Victoria Imbesi (Cornell) — Outdoor javelin
Monique Roberts (Columbia) — Indoor & Outdoor high jump
Brynn Smith (Brown) — Outdoor hammer
Kali Strother (Penn) — Outdoor 400m
Priscilla Trojano (Dartmouth) — Indoor & Outdoor Multi
Tory Worthen (Princeton) — Indoor & Outdoor pole vault

  1. THanithia Billings says:

    Conor McCullough. Hammer

    • Brett says:

      Hi Thanithia,

      I was verifying that all the athletes were listed on the current rosters and Conor wasn’t on Princeton’s. I will need to look into that.

  2. Mary Boggs says:

    Well, Princeton did update his bio to include his 2010 marks but they did not upgrade him to sophomore.

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