Workin’ For The Weekend

Posted: 10 December by Brett Hoover in Announcement, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton

Harvard and Princeton open their seasons on Saturday by hosting multi-team events. And then the indoor facilities around the League go dark until after the holidays.

If you are wondering what we will do here at HepsTrack during four weeks of inactivity, well, we will figure something out. In fact, that will be a great time to email us with ideas.

As for this week’s action, the Tigers will be hosting schools at Jadwin Gym for the New Year’s Invitational. For the full schedule, this is the place to go. Meanwhile Gordon Track in Cambridge will play host to the Harvard Open. If you are in the vicinity, take a look at the schedule and react accordingly.

After the New Year, the season gets right back in gear with the 42nd edition of the Dartmouth Relays. To take a look at the most comprehensive collection of data for that meet by clicking over to Lancer Timing. And to get blog-inspired coverage from 2010, click here.


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