Our Global Positioning

Posted: 14 December by Brett Hoover in Announcement

The U.S. College Track Coaches Association used to do something that annoyed me to no end. In reaction to an influx of African distance runners in the 1970s, that organization implemented an award program that was sure to honor the top national finishers… as well as paying special and unfair privilege to Americans. If the first cut included non-American athletes, the Association would award All-American status to subsequent Americans.

The frequent result was that a U.S. citizen would be honored as an All-American despite finishing behind a non-American who would not receive such notice. In recent years, this prejudicial practice has finally fallen away. Now being an All-American is based solely on your performance, not your birthplace.

But in honor of the silly former rule, HepsTrack.com wants to salute the non-Americans on the League’s 16 rosters. We will be doing something with the U.S. student-athletes in the near future, but today, we give a shout to our 32 current Hepsters from 11 foreign nations around the globe.

Geelong — Julian Sherwin (Harvard ’13)

Brussels — Lucie Cincinatis (Columbia ’12)

Calgary — Jeffrey Homer (Harvard ’13)

Brampton — Melissa Hewitt (Cornell ’12)
Brockville — William McFall (Cornell ’13)
Burlington — Bruno Hortelano-Roig (Cornell ’13)
Grimsby — Stefan Palios (Yale ’14)
Hamilton — Anthony Romaniw (Dartmouth ’13)
Mississauga — Lauren Leon (Harvard ’12)
Rigaud — Jeremy Thibodeau (Dartmouth ’14)
Scarborough — Chris Tait (Cornell ’11)
St. Catherine’s — Cody Boyd (Cornell ’11)
Stratford — Darcy Wilson (Harvard ’12)
Toronto — Leanne Fernandes (Cornell ’14)
Toronto — Jessica Wilson (Cornell ’12)

Saskatoon — James Leakos (Harvard ’14)

Cheltenham — Sarah Hopkinson (Harvard ’13)
London — Mel Newbery (Princeton ’13)
Stockport — Jeremy Gilmour (Harvard ’13)
Surrey — John Van Deventer (Yale ’11)

Baden-Baden — Isabell von Loga (Princeton ’11)
Greifswald — Sebastian Steffen (Princeton ’13)
Owingen — Jessica Fronk (Harvard ’11)
Stuttgart — Nico Weiler (Harvard ’12)

Accra — Nana-Kofi Quakyi (Columbia ’12)

Budapest — Dora Vegvari (Columbia ’13)

Dublin — Conor Dooney (Yale ’12)
Waterford— Kevin Cooper (Brown ’13)

Kingston — Damon McLean (Princeton ’14)
Mandeville — Stephen Millington (Dartmouth ’11)

Queretaro — Nina Brekelmans (Dartmouth ’12)

Kenneth Wang Kan (Harvard ’13)


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