In the world of Heps Track, there isn’t a whole lot to write in December. The Indoor Heps Championships are more than two months away (but it is never too early to RSVP for the event!). The student-athletes are either knee deep in exams or figuring out how to get home for the holiday break. Even our readers are focusing on shopping, office parties and college football bowl games.

So what on Earth will we write about?

Well. Since it is three degrees here and there is no where to go, I sharpened my databasing abilities yesterday afternoon. So I extracted the Heps rosters, hit the ‘find/replace’ options too many times to count and soon I was swimming in data. Enough data to fill up some of the down time here in December.

Today I will toss out some fluff. Things like the most popular names among the current Hepsters. Michael (or Mike) wins for the men, followed closely by John (or Jon & Jonathan), Chris (or Christian & Christopher) and Matt (or Matthew). The women? How ’bout a three-way tie between Emily, Lauren and Meghan (or Megan & Meaghan). Kate (or Katie), Chelsea and Rachel (or Rachael) are right behind. And we have two Lauren Barbers!

There is another three-way tie for last names with Brown, Johnson and Smith just beating out Williams. The next group includes Lee, Murphy, Sullivan and Wilson. As you can see, the accompanying pie chart represents nothing.

How ’bout a class breakdown of the athletes? I was able to identify the school year of 972 of the 974 student-athletes and just 18 percent are seniors while 32 percent are freshmen. Sophomores outnumber juniors, 27 percent to 23.

Only four states — Mississippi, Nebraska, South Dakota and West Virginia — can not boast of an active Heps runner while seven other states have just one. Here are the athletes who are the only links between their home state and the Heptagonals:

Arkansas — Irene Jadic (Penn ’14)
Delaware — Alan Hill (Penn ’11)
Hawaii — Joy Piotrowski (Dartmouth ’13)
Kentucky — Elliott Rosenberg (Cornell ’13)
North Dakota — Kelsey Reimnitz (Cornell ’12)
Utah — John Foye (Penn ’13)
Wyoming — Chelsea Carrick (Columbia ’14)

In the coming days we will spit out some more data which will reveal which high school has produced nearly one percent of the 2010-11 Heps athletes and which states yield the largest portion of the Heps Nation.

  1. Mary Boggs says:

    I think we better start emailing you some ideas to write about since it seems like you have too much time on your hands right now!!! lol.

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