Coach Knows Best

Posted: 17 December by Pat Melton in Athletes, Columbia
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Columbia senior Jeff Moriarty has won both individual and relay Heps championships in his time in Morningside Heights. But as a senior he has dreams that are bigger as he longs for a shot at an NCAA title. Casey Snedecor of his school’s athletics communications office recently profiled the Massachusetts native.

Along with talking about his hopes for the season, Moriarty discussed his experience at Columbia:

Even though I plan on continuing my running career after graduation, I’ll never have the camaraderie that I do now.  This team has been like a family to me the past four years … So have the coaches.

It’s tough to put in words how much I love and respect our coaches. Trusting in them fully has been one of the biggest keys to my success on the track.

Take note, youngsters. Listen to your coach!

And a followup. We recently wrote that it looked like the NCAA Cross Country Championships would return to Terre Haute, Ind., in 2011 for the eighth straight year. That is now confirmed.

“We’re really excited about this moniker of Cross Country Town, USA, and we’re really going to hype that up this year because that’s something that anybody that knows anything about the sport knows we have the best facility in the United States as well as knowing we run the best championship that can be run in the sport of cross country,” said a hyped Indiana State University Athletics Director Ron Prettyman.

Congrats to the Sycamores.


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