The Great Equalizer

Posted: 23 December by Brett Hoover in Alumni, Athletes, Yale
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He helped launch a running revolution by winning Olympic gold in Munich in 1972. And what is former Yale great Frank Shorter doing now?

Through his promotional work with the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon series, he continues to inspiring runners. And not just the elite running with the lead pack, but the person in the back of the group that got the most of themselves through their own journey.

He recently told Richard Oliver of the San Antonio Express-News:

“I actually ran my first marathon because the guys who did it at the time sort of felt like they were exclusive. My thought was, ‘Hell, I run 20 miles every Sunday around the track; I can do this. They’re not that special, and they hold themselves out there like there’s something mystical about this.’

“I always wanted it to be inclusive. I wasn’t doing it to show that I had something that other people didn’t.”

Shorter’s marathon series is coming to two Ivy League cities in 2011 and you have eight months or so to train. Rock ‘n Rollin’ for 26.2 miles comes to Providence on Aug. 7 and Philadelphia on Sept. 18.


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