Even When You Lose, Sportsmanship Pays

Posted: 29 December by Brett Hoover in Alumni, Penn
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Catching up with TigerBlog today, I learned that one of Xavier’s star basketball players, Mark Lyons, was stranded because of deep snow in his hometown Schnectady, N.Y., with no way to get back to Cincnnati for his team’s Tuesday night game.

But, it turned out, the team the Musketeers were scheduled to host was Albany. And, like Lyons, the Great Danes couldn’t fly out for the game either. So they got a bus and let Lyons make the 12-hour journey with them.

“He was no different than any one of our guys,” Albany coach Will Brown said. “The minute he got on the bus, he put his head phones on and whipped out his phone and within an hour he was out cold.”

HepsTrack tips its cap to Coach Brown [a former Ivy Leaguer, see note below] for this show of sportsmanship. He said that he felt that any coach in a similar situation would have done the same, but I am cynical enough to think that isn’t true.

Lyons didn’t give his travel partners a break come game time, as the sophomore guard drained a career-high six three-pointers and X downed Albany with ease.

[Note: I met Coach Brown when he was an 18-year-old kid out of Long Island. He had enrolled at Penn and joined the basketball team as a high-scoring recruit, but he struggled to adjust to the Division I game and wound up transferring to Dowling College in Oakdale, N.Y. He had a great career there.]

  1. Mary Boggs says:

    I don’t know about coaches allowing it, but I know athletes do. In grad school, I got left behind at a hotel we were staying in for conference (apparently, my room clock was 15 minutes behind). Luckily, St. Joe’s women’s squad was about to head over to the track and let me hitch a ride with them on their bus. I don’t remember if the head coach was there, but I was grateful for the trip nonetheless.

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