Coach, I Promise I Got My Workouts In

Posted: 2 January by Mary Boggs in Athletes, Harvard
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Winter break, running back at home. I remember it wasn’t always easy to find either motivation or adequate facilities to train (then again, I was a hurdler in college). How does one adjust to running without indoor facilities in a recent snow storm?

If you are Harvard freshman Ryan Romain, you team up with two former teammates who are now competing in college and clear off one lane of your Rockford (Mich.) High School’s outdoor track so you can do your 600m repeat workouts.

Click here to see a video of Romain helping set a Rockford school record in the 4×8 last year. And with the performance, his foursome broke a mark that was established by a lineup that featured Dathan Ritzinhein!

  1. Mary Boggs says:

    And one note: that photo is of the Rockford track during the 600m repeat workout. Great work you guys!

  2. SL says:

    Agreed; great work! Looking forward to seeing it pay off for Ryan.

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