It’s Dartmouth Relays Week

Posted: 3 January by Brett Hoover in Dartmouth
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The 42nd running of Dartmouth Relays will get underway on Friday, primarily focused on high school events for the first two days. The college events take center stage at Leverone Field House in Hanover on Sunday. The latest information can be found on Rick Berryman’s Lancer Timing website.

The Relays record books serve as a ‘who’s who’ of U.S. track stars, past and present. Among the recordholders are Bruny Surin, LaVonna Martin Floreal, Robert Weir, Louise Ritter, Walter Henning and Joe Dial. There are also current and former Ivy Leaguers represented with the likes of Adam Nelson, Lynn Jennings, Josh Kauke, Tristan Colangelo, David Slovenski and Konique Ballah.

Below is the college schedule for Sunday. Be sure to keep an eye on the festivities.

8:45 am — Women’s 60m hurdles (Pentathlon)
9 am — Men’s 60m hurdles (Heptathlon)
9 am — Women’s long jump (Final)
9:20 am — Women’s high jump (Pentathlon)
9:35 am — Men’s pole vault (Heptathlon)
11 am — Women’s 60m hurdles (Trials)
11 am — Men’s long jump (Final)
11:15 am — Men’s 60m hurdles (Trials)
11:30 am — Women’s 60m dash (Trials)
11:30 am — Women’s shot put (Pentathlon)
11:45 am — Men’s 60m dash (Trials)
Noon — Men’s 60m hurdles (Semis)
Noon — Women’s high jump (Final)
Noon — Women’s pole vault (Final)
12:05 pm — Women’s 60m hurdles (Semis)
12:10 pm — Men’s 60m dash (Semis)
12:15 pm — Women’s 60m dash (Semis)
12:20 pm — Men’s 1,000m run (Heptathlon)
12:30 pm — Women’s shot put (Final)
12:30 pm — Men’s shot put (Final)
12:35 pm — Women’s 800m run (Sections on time)
12:45 pm — Women’s long jump (Pentathlon)
12:50 pm — Men’s 800m run (Sections on time)
1:05 pm — Women’s 60m hurdles (Final)
1:10 pm — Men’s 60m hurdles (Final)
1:15 pm — Women’s 60m dash (Final)
1:20 pm — Men’s 60m dash (Final)
1:25 pm — Women’s mile run (Sections on time)
1:45 pm — Men’s mile run (Sections on time)
2 pm — Mens high jump (Final)
2 pm — Women’s triple jump (Final)
2:05 pm — Women’s 4x200m relay (Sections on time)
2:15 pm — Men’s 4x200m relay (Sections on time)
2:20 pm — Women’s 800m run (Pentathlon)
2:25 pm — Women’s 400m dash (Sections on time)
2:30 pm — Women’s weight throw (Final)
2:40 pm — Men’s 400m dash (Sections on time)
2:55 pm — Women’s 3,000m run (Sections on time)
3 pm — Men’s pole vault (Final)
3:10 pm — Men’s 3,000m run (Sections on time)
4 pm — Men’s 3,000m run (Sections on time)
4 pm — Men’s triple jump (Final)
4:20 pm — Women’s distance medley relay (Sections on time)
4:30 pm — Women’s weight throw (Final)
4:35 pm — Men’s distance medley relay (Sections on time)
4:50 pm — Women’s 4x400m relay (Sections on time)
5:10 pm — Men’s 4x400m relay (Sections on time)


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