The State of the Site

Posted: 12 January by Brett Hoover in Announcement

When this site was started in 2009, I really had no idea what would happen. I hoped it to be a place that would help the Heps Nation gather, connect and reconnect. It was an experiment in social media, something of an online laboratory.

That first year we had nearly a quarter million visitors and I was pleased. It was around a year ago I gave thought as to what a successful 2010 would look like. I picked an arbitrary goal — getting 100,000 more visitors than the previous year. We actually made it, although it took until Dec. 30.

So are the goals for 2011?

Well, one goal is to engage more people, including parents, grandparents and a broad age range of alumni. Another is to build collaborations that will extend the reach of HepsTrack. If you have an idea about that, feel free to share it.

Another goal is increased participation — whether that be shared stories, comments on posts or attendees sharing their intention to be on hand for Heps championships events. In fact, one of the key reasons to sign up for the Championships on our Facebook page is to effortlessly spread the word about Heps. The idea to “Pack to the Track” at the New York City Armory next month for Indoor Heps is to serve in celebration of Heps Nation. If you are going and have yet to sign up, here is your chance.

If everyone can help extend the scope, it will be for the betterment of the League. It will bring some people back home and expose others to the virtues of Heps.

Getting to 500,000 visitors in 2011? That should be easy.


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