Liam Boylan-Pett

There definitely were differences being at Georgetown after my experience at Columbia, but whether wearing the Columbia Blue or the blue and gray of G’town, I still wanted to beat the guys on the line next to me.

I looked at my fifth year at Georgetown as being the next step in my running career. It was a great experience and I loved D.C. and the guys on the team. But it was still a team just like any I was on at Columbia. There were different personalities and everything, but still a group of guys working towards a common goal. Penn Relays was still THE day to bring it. No Heps was both a good and a bad thing. I sometimes feel that as an Ivy runner you put too much emotion into Heps, but I wouldn’t change my Heps experiences for anything, it is just such a great meet.

I definitely feel lucky to have been on two different teams. I got to take the things I learned from my CU teammates and Coach Wood and then add in the new things I got from my G’town coaches and teammates. I definitely am happy to be both a Columbia and a Georgetown runner… even if they both ask for donations.

And now that I’m back in NYC training with Coach Gags, it’s nice to see the Columbia guys as a volunteer coach who shows up every once in a while.

This story was written by Boylan-Pett in 2010 as part of a larger story on Wandering Ivies.

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