Hall of Famers

heps-shorterEleven former Ivy League athletes and seven other coaches have been inducted into the National Track & Field Hall of Fame. One can visit the interactive museum for just $5 at The Armory in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan.

Bill Carr (Penn), 2008
Ellery Clark (Harvard), 1991
Jim Fuchs (Yale), 2005
Lynn Jennings (Princeton), 2006
Al Kraenzlein (Penn), 1974
Ted Meredith (Penn), 1982
Charlie Moore (Cornell), 1999
Frank Shorter (Yale), 1989
F. Morgan Taylor (Dartmouth), 2000
Walter Tewksbury (Penn), 1996
Earl Thomson (Dartmouth), 1977

Lee Calhoun (Yale), 1974
Ken Doherty (Penn), 1976
Larry Ellis (Princeton), 1999
Bob Giegengack (Yale), 1978
Harry Hillman (Dartmouth), 1976
Jack Moakley (Cornell), 1988
Mike Murphy (Penn and Yale), 1974