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We warned you we were going to do this after the weekend. We took the updated performance lists, applied Ivy scoring in the events that will be contested at Indoor Heps and now we are giving you the results.

First, yes it is too early to do this because not everyone has competed in some of the less-frequently contested events. Yes, there are athletes racking up points that they couldn’t compile in a single meet. Yes, some athletes have yet to peak. Yes, it is unfair to compare because the teams have been competing on differing tracks that yield different results. Yes, apples are not oranges.

We agreed with all of that and, yet, it does not stop us from doing it. And, in brief, make your plans for the Armory now because it will be fiercely competitive. (By the way, 500 people have said they are coming, when will you join them?)

On the men’s side, thanks to a remarkable weekend for the Princeton Tigers, there has been a flip at the top. Heading into the weekend, Cornell had a wide margin, but now Princeton has shuffled the deck. Here are the new men’s pre-Heps results as of the end of January:

1. Princeton, 200; 2. Cornell, 183; 3. Dartmouth, 85; 4. Penn, 49; 5. Columbia, 23; 6. Yale, 22; 7. Brown & Harvard, 13.

For the women, we reported last week that it would be close. We know that Princeton will dominate the distance races and, possibly, the throws, but will Columbia be able to outbattle Cornell in the sprints and jumps to claim its first title? Will Cornell find enough points across the board to upend both of them? Here’s how it looks today:

1. Princeton, 129 3/4; 2. Columbia, 128; 3. Cornell, 107 1/4; 4. Dartmouth, 51; 5. Brown, 46; 6. Harvard, 26; 7. Penn, 20; 8. Yale, 19.

Flame away!


Attention Alumni Groups

Posted: 20 January by Brett Hoover in Alumni

As you make plans for receptions, after parties, soirees, bashes and dance battles, the best place to spread the word is right here at

As of this moment, we have shared the details about just one alumni event (Penn), but we hope that we will soon have information on many more. Click here for the alumni events page. As you know, Indoor Heps is coming to New York City on Feb. 26-27.

And remember that being on Facebook and signing up for information about Indoor Heps is the easiest way to stay informed. Even your grandparents can do it. Click here to sign up for Indoor Heps, and while you are at it, you might want to sign up for the Penn Relays as well.

And, no, Mark Zuckerberg did not run, hurdle, jump, vault, put or throw in the Ivy League, but he did, while at Harvard, build a multi billion-dollar empire so we could talk about it.

Your Ticket To Manhattan

Posted: 14 January by Brett Hoover in Announcement
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I just got off the phone with folks at the Armory and I have some information regarding tickets for the Indoor Heps Championship, scheduled for Feb. 26-27.

There will be neither a pre-sale for tickets nor reserved seating at the Championships. One of the things we all know about Heps is that the athletes, fans and alumni from each school love to sit together, so the Armory has taken heed. Buy a ticket, sit with the folks from your favorite Ivy school.

There will not be a two-day ticket either, simply a daily ticket that can be purchased for $15 for adults and $8 for students with IDs.

Update: I have gotten a few emails that have expressed concern about the price of the tickets. Please consider that the Indoor Heps Championship is a 12-hour event, which means each day is the equivalent of about three basketball or soccer games. That’s three times the personnel expense and three times the facilities and operating costs. The ticket income will also help fund some wonderful Armory service and educational programming. Is it more expensive than a typical Heps event held on campus, where costs can be contained? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

For a tentative schedule, directions, links to the official tourism sites and much more, please click here. Also, take Alicia Keys’ word for it — New York will inspire you, make you feel brand new.

On Feb. 26-27, all eight Ivy League schools will gather at The Armory in Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood for the 64th Heptagonals Indoor Track & Field Championships and we can all aggressively look to raise awareness and attract spectators.

The simple way to participate is to sign up for the Facebook event page and invite others to do the same by clicking “Share” just under the event title. This is your meet, help make it unforgettable. Let people know that the Armory is a great place and the last time Heps was contested there, eight meet records were broken. Let them know that the subway runs from Penn Station to about a block from the track. Let them know that New York is their kinda town. Once they sign up, we will take it from there to help entice them.

Also, it is worth mention that in a five-weekend, seven-event stretch between mid-January through mid-February, every Ivy team will venture to the Big Apple to test-drive the fast surface of the world-class banked track.

The League will be well represented at all three Saturday Night at the Races series sponsored by the New York Road Runners. Columbia and Harvard will be on hand for the kickoff event on Jan. 15. Frequent Ivy contenders Cornell and Princeton will take to the track on Jan. 29 with a strong field to include Mississippi State, Maryland, Virginia and Villanova. Brown, Columbia and Penn will compete in the final Saturday challenge on Feb. 12.

One the Saturdays in between, Yale, Columbia and Dartmouth will square off on Jan. 22 and Columbia will join a national field for the New Balance Collegiate Invitational on Feb. 4-5. That showcase meet will feature the likes of Abilene Christian, Arkansas, Baylor, BYU, Georgetown, Hampton, Houston, Kansas, LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Portland, South Carolina, Southern Cal, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, UCLA and Villanova. Click here for a preliminary time schedule.

Penn will also run in the Great Dane Classic, which will be hosted by the University at Albany on Jan. 21, and the hometown Lions will battle in the city’s renown Metropolitan Championships on Jan. 29 in advance of the Saturday night event.

Then comes the biggest event of the year — the Heptagonal Championships! Click here for the full indoor-season schedule.