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In non-mascot marathon news, former Columbia distance standout Lisa Stublic, now representing Croatia, took ninth at the Berlin Marathon on Sunday. Stublic ran 26.2 miles in the streets of Berlin in a tidy 2:33.42.

Her goal was to best the Olympic ‘A’ standard, which she did by more than three minutes. She is now poised to represent Croatia as the country’s first female Olympic marathon runner.

From the Croatian Times:

The 26-year-old athlete won ninth place at the Berlin marathon, coming in at 2:33.42 and beating by six minutes the current Croatian record held by Tijana Pavicic since 1989. That result also gained her entrance to London’s Olympic Games.

“When I saw the result, I thought that I was dreaming. This was my firth marathon in my life and regardless of the fact that we prepared well, I did not expect such a good result,” said Stublic, who came to Croatia from United States three years ago. Her father is from the Sisak area, while her mother is an American.

“I wanted to come to my father’s homeland and when I saw the methods of training of my current coach Slavko Petrovic, I was so excited that I stayed. And I am not sorry,” said Stublic.

In 2005 Stublic ran 17:10 at the Heps Cross Country Championships, which remains one of the 10 fastest times ever at Heps.