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From Cornell assistant coach Artie Smith: “The Cornell men will compete in the 104th Millrose Games tonight at Madison Square Garden. The Big Red will race in the Gotham Cup Challenge College Men’s 4×400 at 8:20 pm and will also line up a competitive squad in the Byron Dyce Men’s College 4×800 at 8:44 pm. The meet will be televised live on ESPN2 from 8 to 10 pm tonight. Entries and other information can be found at

The fields for those races have not yet been posted online and HepsTrack has reached out to sources for more information. Hope to bring it to you soon.


The Fastest Ivy?

Posted: 25 January by Brett Hoover in Announcement
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Call me crazy, but I think Heps should take a lesson from the Millrose Games when it comes to the Super 60 event it has established and will run Friday. The USATF press release explains:

All-stars, gold medalists and hometown heroes will be among the eclectic group of accomplished professional and Olympic athletes to contest the “Super 60 II” at the 104th Millrose Games.

Launched in 2010, the Super 60 II is a 60-meter proving ground for stars to showcase the universal component of speed in all sports, and to help determine which sport has the most potent combination of power, speed and acceleration.

I propose that Heps put out the call to all athletes around the League to figure out who is the fastest non-trackster, one male and one female, on each campus and bring them to Heps for an exhibition. Hockey, football, sailing, basketball, tennis. Whatever.

Don’t think that there is time in the schedule? Well, I guarantee that there is!

In the last five years at Indoor and Outdoor Heps, there have been 55 preliminaries scheduled in the sprints and hurdles. How many of them have actually been contested? Drumroll, please….. THREE!

All three have come in the women’s indoor 200-meter dash (2006-07-09) and that trio of first rounds eliminated a grand total of seven athletes. That also means that not a single Outdoor prelim has taken place since 2005, when the women’s 100-meter dash had a false start in the first heat and every competitor advanced, regardless of time. Those holes in the schedule will provide ample time for an exhibition, something that would both attract and please spectators.

So let’s get this done — the Ivy Open Challenge — a 60-meter dash at Indoor Heps and a 100-meter dash at Outdoors. Who’s with me? We’ll chat about the Alumni Mile later.

[By the way, that’s Green Bay’s B.J. Raji, who scored a sloooow touchdown over the weekend against the Bears, at the 2009 NFL Combine.]